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Four fragrances from times past, but with the same beliefs: in buying well and using the finest ingredients. Evolution and heritage in one collection. Show stopping Lush perfumery, from before the company was born, up to today.


Rosemary, Orange Flower + Galbanum


Spearmint, Tarragon + Sandalwood

Breath of God

Cedarwood, Vetivert + Grapefruit


Patchouli, Brazilian Orange + Pine

The Perfume LibraryFlorence, Italy

The Perfume LibraryFlorence, Italy

Florence, Italy

All of perfumery is language. It’s learning how to put a word to a smell. The minute you put a word to a smell, you have a memory for it.

Poetry and beautiful words are a pleasure to be around. They're like beautiful oils or products. Perfumery is an expression of things that have happened to us, or things we feel emotionally attached to.

Mark ConstantineLush Perfumer since 1995

Every perfumer has their own vocabulary, their own language, their own style. Painters, especially in the past, used the same 'ingredients' for their works of art – sometimes even the same pigments – but then assembled them differently.

The fragrances I create are a personal interpretation, engaging different senses, for each individual perfume. This can be from taste, sound, visual or emotional.

Emma DickLush Perfumer

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