The Perfume Library

The Perfume Library

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Cure of Contraries

Discover your ideal state

Choose a humor, speak your truth and find balance in perfume. Counter the passions of the soul, still flighty spirits or revive lethargic ones. Discover the duality of your being.

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The Perfume Library

Ti diamo il benvenuto

The Lush Perfume Library awaits. Home to the finest Lush fragrances, exclusive collections of scents and companion books to curl up with.

Be entranced by the stories, discover the words and fall in love with the art inside each expertly crafted perfume...

But first there is the sound of bird song

The essence of Perfumery

L’essenza della profumeria

This is our art This is what we do

Our perfumers tell their stories in shades of tart blackcurrant, smokey vetivert, and sensual rose, all balanced with the alchemy of your skin.

Con il tocco alchemico dei più pregiati oli essenziali

Created using the finest essential oils and handmade in our UK factories. Our perfumes are like no others.

Esperienze olfattive

Inspired by literature, music and life events. Discover the perfume that balances you, evoking a reaction as the top notes waft over you, and the base notes grab your emotions. Be ready.


Four perfumes to find balance. A modern interpretation of perfumery during the Renaissance. But also by the awareness of a new renaissance, of regeneration and looking after our planet. The journey has begun...


Jasmine, vanilla + orris


Rose, Violet leaf + Sandalwood


Bergamot, Neroli + Petitgrain


Guaiacwood, Sandalwood + Frangipani

Find balance in perfume. Discover who you are…

Body Spray

Lights, music, rhythm. Take a moment to appreciate the music and breathe. Release the magic in movement and harmony. Be free!

Body Spray Disco

Lush Labs
All.BOOK_INSPIRATION_CURVEThe Perfume LibraryThe books that started it all

Pages rustle. Inhale the scent of a book, of paper, ink, dust and stories. There is an ancient magic in books and the knowledge within...

Perfume like you’ve never experienced before...

The Renaissance Spa Treatment

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The perfumes in this set each use a regenerative ingredient from around the world which each have a story to tell. Human, animal and environmental protection at their core. Wear a story with a spritz of these fine fragrances.


Jasmine, Rose + Ylang Ylang

Lord of Misrule

Patchouli, Black Pepper + Vanilla

Rose Jam

Rose, Geranium + Lemon


Vanilla, Tonka + Jasmine


A hard shell, a sweet and comforting inner, a spellbindingly beautiful aroma. Simply precious.


We buy our tonka beans directly from Kayapo communities of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They pick up fallen fruits and break them one by one with a hammer to release the precious beans. These indigenous communities gain access to markets for their sustainably harvested non-timber products so that they can generate the income, and help preserve the rainforests for generations to come.


Coveted by many, and loved by all, rose fields abuzz with nature come alive at dawn when the sweet flowers are picked by hand.


Grown in Pakistan, this crop benefits both the environment and the people. Supporting low income communities and social uplift projects, the small farmers involved in this floriculture use regenerative and permaculture growing techniques. To them, Lush Rose is nostalgic, relaxing and peaceful.


Bewitching and intoxicating, begin a meditative journey. Resist it, you can not.


Our patchouli is sourced from Indonesia (Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi), where the Leuser Ecosystem area in Sumatra is under serious threat. This area is the only place in the world where certain endangered species all live together, including tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans - and we are in danger of losing this natural diversity.

Gayo Lues Permaculture Centre (GPC) help to train patchouli farmers in regenerative practices. Every time we buy from them, funds go towards the running and maintenance of the centre, the rest goes directly to the farmers themselves. We now buy our patchouli from six different villages across the region in a sustainable fashion.


At night it opens. A star shaped flower with intoxicating, floral aromas.


Grown in Pakistan, this crop benefits both the environment and the people. Supporting low income communities and social uplift projects, the small farmers involved in this floriculture use regenerative and permaculture growing techniques. To them, Lush Jasmine is nostalgic, relaxing and peaceful.

Four fragrances from times past, but with the same beliefs: in buying well and using the finest ingredients. Evolution and heritage in one collection. Show stopping Lush perfumery, from before the company was born, up to today.


Rosemary, Orange Flower + Galbanum


Spearmint, Tarragon + Sandalwood

Breath of God

Cedarwood, Vetivert + Grapefruit


Patchouli, Brazilian Orange + Pine

The Perfume LibraryFlorence, Italy

The Perfume LibraryFlorence, Italy

Florence, Italy

All of perfumery is language. It’s learning how to put a word to a smell. The minute you put a word to a smell, you have a memory for it.

Poetry and beautiful words are a pleasure to be around. They're like beautiful oils or products. Perfumery is an expression of things that have happened to us, or things we feel emotionally attached to.

Mark ConstantineLush Perfumer since 1995

Every perfumer has their own vocabulary, their own language, their own style. Painters, especially in the past, used the same 'ingredients' for their works of art – sometimes even the same pigments – but then assembled them differently.

The fragrances I create are a personal interpretation, engaging different senses, for each individual perfume. This can be from taste, sound, visual or emotional.

Emma DickLush Perfumer

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